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Do you need to replace missing teeth? Do you need to have damaged teeth extracted and you aren’t sure how to replace them to get a natural look? Dentures offer an affordable way to restore your smile and self-confidence.

What Are Dentures?

A denture, either full or partial, consists of artificial teeth attached to a palate. They are custom made to resemble your natural teeth and can stay in place with adhesive. Implants inserted into the jawbone can also be used to hold a denture in your mouth.

Not only will a full or partial denture help you chew, it will restore the shape of your face. When you lose teeth, your skin can sag, making you look older. Dentures also help you speak more clearly and chew food better. This can lead to better nutrition and a higher quality of life.

What Types of Affordable, Quality Dentures Are Available?

Our dentist at Silver Line Smiles of Tyson’s Corner can help you select the best option based on your needs and budget. You choices may include the dentures described in more detail below. However, you’ll need to consult with your dentist to confirm.

Why Choose a Full Denture?

A full denture is a prosthetic device that will replace all of your upper or lower teeth. The teeth are attached to an acrylic base made to resemble your gums. A traditional upper denture has a palate that covers the roof of your mouth. When you have well-made dentures, no one should be able to tell you are missing your natural teeth.

When Is a Partial Denture the Best Option?

A partial denture will cover a gap in your smile when you still have healthy teeth in your upper or lower jaw, making a full denture impractical. It is an alternative to a dental bridge which is permanently attached to your teeth. A partial bridge is removable and easier to keep clean.

What iIs a Flexible Partial Denture the Best Option?

A flexible partial denture is a thin and lightweight denture that is flexible. Made of nylon resin instead of acrylic, most patients find they feel more natural when eating or drinking and are easier to wear. If you’re interested in a less bulky partial denture, please contact us for a consultation with one of our dentists.

How Does an Implant-Supported Denture Differ from a Full Denture?

An implant-supported denture differs from a traditional denture because it connects to implants versus resting on your gums, making chewing feel more natural. The number of implants you will need depends on the type of denture you choose.

Implant-supported dentures are permanent or removable. There are two common types; bar-retained and ball-retained. The difference pertains to how the denture connects to the implant. Both types are removable, so you can take your dentures out each night and clean them. There are also implant-supported dentures you cannot remove; instead, you treat them as natural teeth.

What Are All-on-4® Dentures in McLean?

We offer All-on-4® Dentures using Nobel Biocare implants. Overall, fewer implants are needed because of the specific placement of the implants; two are placed at an angle. A traditional implant denture can require many more implants per arch. For patients with jawbone deterioration, this new method may eliminate the need for bone grafting. It is a fixed denture, offering convenience and the biting power of natural teeth.

What Is Getting a Denture Like?

The process for getting a denture depends on the denture type and whether you need any dental work done first. First, your dentist will examine your existing teeth to determine if they are healthy or if any need to be extracted before proceeding. He or she will go over your options with you and help you choose one that meets your expectations and fits into your budget.

If you are getting a conventional, full or partial denture, your dentist will take an impression of your mouth to create a custom denture for you. Once it is ready, you’ll come in to ensure it fits properly. If you’re having an implant-supported denture, you’ll have the implants placed and once they heal, you’ll receive your custom denture.

How Much Do Dentures Cost?

Your cost will depend on several factors, include the type of denture you select, the materials used, and whether you need any preliminary work. Please call us to arrange a consultation and your dentist can go over your options. The dentist can take your budget into account and give you an estimate of the total cost of each of your choices for our affordable, quality dentures.

How Can a Dentist Make a Denture Fit Better?

Do you have a traditional denture that is causing spots in your mouth to be become sore? If so, don’t stop wearing it. Our dentist can offer you a soft denture reline to make your denture comfortable. It is a coating that makes the palate of your denture fit again, and it’s softer than the original. Call us to learn more about making your denture feel better than it ever did before.

Schedule a Consultation in McLean Today to Learn More

If you want to learn more about dentures in McLean, please call us to arrange a consultation. Your dentist can explain your options and help you find the most suitable solution for replacing missing teeth.

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