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While our dentists make every effort to save our patient’s teeth, sometimes teeth extractions are the only treatment option. It may seem a little worrying if you need a tooth pulled, but it’s usually a fairly simple procedure that can be completed quickly with little to no pain. Because we want all of our patients to be knowledgeable and fully prepared about receiving a dental extraction, we’d like to further explain the situations in which an extraction may be required and what you can expect after the procedure.

When Is Getting a Tooth Pulled the Only Option?

There are many reasons why you may need a dental extraction. Tooth extraction is usually required if you have severe gum disease, advanced tooth decay, if a tooth is infected and causing pain, or if you’ve experienced trauma to the mouth. In most cases, the extraction provides relief from intense mouth pain.

What Does a Tooth Extraction Cost?

Many factors affect dental extraction costs, including the complexity of the procedure, whether a simple or surgical extraction is required, and whether a dentist or oral surgeon performs the procedure. If you have dental insurance, your policy may cover a percentage of your total cost. Please call our office if you have any questions about the cost of your procedure.

What Is an Oral Surgery Extraction?

An oral surgery extraction is needed in cases where the tooth hasn’t emerged from the gums or only a small portion of the tooth has erupted. If there isn’t enough tooth surface for the dentist to grasp and remove with forceps, you’ll need to receive care from an oral surgeon.

Are Severely Decayed, Cracked, or Broken Teeth Pulled at the Dentist?

Our dentists will determine if a root canal is needed in cases of cracked, broken, or severely decayed teeth. If root canal therapy isn’t an option, your dentist may recommend having the tooth pulled. After the extraction, your dentist will recommend replacing the tooth to prevent your other teeth from moving out of place.

Does Advanced Stage Gum Disease Require Tooth Extraction?

If you have advanced gum disease, bacteria can damage to the soft tissue in your mouth and the bones that support your teeth. An extraction is performed to remove loose teeth and provide pain relief.

What Happens If I Have Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

Extracting wisdom teeth is very common. Most people develop their wisdom teeth during their late teens or during early adulthood. Unfortunately, many people’s jaws are too small to comfortably fit and support wisdom teeth.

Impacted wisdom teeth occur when there’s not enough space for wisdom teeth to erupt. This can cause several problems, including gum infections, jawbone damage, and damage to the surrounding teeth. If your wisdom teeth haven’t emerged from the gums yet, you’ll likely receive a referral to an oral surgeon.

Is Tooth Removal Needed If My Teeth Are Too Crowded?

If you have extra teeth, or if your teeth are too crowded and are growing in crooked, extractions are a safe and effective way to properly align your teeth. Extractions are also performed to create extra space to prepare for braces.

What Are the Typical Dental Extraction Aftercare Instructions?

After the procedure, you’ll receive dental extraction aftercare instructions containing a list of specific things to avoid. You must follow these instructions exactly to prevent serious complications from developing. Following an extraction, our dentists recommend avoiding drinking from a straw and vigorously rinsing your mouth for at least 24 hours. You should also avoid smoking, limit activity for a few days, and try to eat mostly soft foods. You can brush and floss your other teeth as usual, but you should avoid brushing near the extraction area for a few days.

You’ll also receive instructions on how you can reduce discomfort and swelling. This will include applying an ice pack to the affected area and taking pain relievers as prescribed. We encourage you to contact our office if you have any questions about your aftercare instructions.

What Should I Expect During Tooth Extraction Healing?

You’ll be sent home to recover following the extraction procedure. Healing after tooth extraction usually takes about seven to ten days, although this can take longer if you’ve had a wisdom tooth extracted. It’s normal to experience minor bleeding near the extraction site during the first 24 hours. During this time, a blood clot forms over the extraction site. This helps stop the bleeding and protects the area from air and debris. If bleeding persists or becomes severe, contact our office right away. Pain and swelling typically subside within two to three days. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your recovery or healing process.

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