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Are you insecure about your smile? Affordable cosmetic dentistry can build your confidence, allowing you to smile and laugh without hiding your teeth. Unfortunately, society is based on looks and people judge others by their smile. What do you want your smile to say about you? If you have a bright, white smile with no chipped, broken or missing teeth, it says you take pride in your appearance and your oral health.

Did you know a recent study by the American Dental Association showed that one out of every three young adults aged 18 to 34 is reluctant to smile because of their teeth? This affects so many areas of their life, including their career and social life. Unfair as it is, it’s difficult to get a job or a date with poor teeth in a society obsessed with appearances. Investing in cosmetic dental care is an investment in yourself and your future career prospects. Most of our patients say they wish they had cosmetic dental care sooner as they are enjoying smiling immensely.

What Is Cosmetic Dental Care?

There are three distinct types of dental care; preventative, restorative and cosmetic. Most general dentists base their practice on preventative and restorative care. They spend much of their time performing routine exams, giving fluoride treatments and filling cavities. Some dentists like to specialize in improving the look of their patient’s smiles which in turn improves their self-confidence. Cosmetic dentists combine art and science to give their patients an aesthetically pleasing smile. Even if you’re happy with your current general dentist, consider seeing a dentist who specializes aesthetic dentistry to ensure your smile looks great. If you want a better looking smile which you can be proud of, look for a dentist specializing in cosmetic dentistry.

What Are Typical Cosmetic Dentistry Services?

Typical services are, but not limited to, teeth whiting, repairing chips and replacing missing teeth. Some of our patients may need only one of our services to reach their smile goals while others may want a custom smile makeover comprising multiple procedures. We offer treatments to fix almost any complaint you have regarding your teeth or gums. The list of services we offer our valued patients include:

Will Dental Insurance Cover Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures?

If you’re considering a procedure, such as teeth whitening, which has no benefit to your dental health, most dental insurance plans won’t cover the treatment. If the procedure also has a restorative benefit, you may have partial coverage. Coverage varies, even from the same insurance company, so review your plan carefully. There are a few premier plans which offer partial coverage for cosmetic procedures, although these are rare. Please call our dental office for a consultation and our dentist can help you determine if the procedure you’re requesting has any restorative benefit. If not, you can talk to your dentist about other ways to afford the treatment.

Where Should I Go for Quality Cosmetic Dentistry in McLean?

We strive to offer our patients the highest quality cosmetic dentistry. We dedicate ourselves to enhancing your smile’s natural beauty with conservative procedures so you will have long lasting results. At our dental practice, the staff is always warm warm and attentive, ensuring your comfort. You’ll always be treated with courtesy and kindness and your comfort is our top priority.

If you call for a consultation, we’ll learn what you don’t like about your smile and suggest ways to improve it. If you’re looking for a more youthful appearance, bring in a picture of yourself at a younger age. The best smile for most of our patients is the smile they had in their early 20s. Our dentist can recreate your youthful smile for a natural look. Of course, if you want a dazzling Hollywood smile, we can do that as well.

What Does a Cosmetic Dental Office Charge?

Your cosmetic dentistry cost will depend on the number of procedures you are having done. A visit for a simple teeth bleaching will cost significantly less than a smile makeover will with multiple procedures needed. Please call us to schedule a consultation and your dentist can estimate your total cost after determining which procedure(s) you need to reach your goal. We understand cost is a concern, especially when dental insurance rarely covers cosmetic treatments. We’ll help you find a solution which fits within your budget. Please call our office if you have questions about payment options. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find a way to get the care you deserve. We firmly believe everyone has the right to an attractive, healthy smile.

If you’re searching for cosmetic dentistry near me, please call our cosmetic dental office. We will help get the smile you deserve. Sometimes, people with imperfect teeth feel so self-conscious they avoid smiling. Our mission is to make you feel good about smiling again.

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